Display Red tint issue

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I have been using the device for over a week now. everything had been perfect but the display tint issue is too prominent to ignore. can you please acknowledge the cause of the issue (se/hw)?


  • Only an ignorant or those who suffer from asus would say that it is a problem of sw, it is very obvious that it is a problem at the hardware level and asus surely know that they cannot solve it, they become deaf ... but it is almost certain that it is a problem by default of those panels that who knows which cheap Chinese manufacturer bought them but from samsung are not

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    thank you for the clarification. but i still have the replacement window so would it do any good if i replaced it ?

  • Go for replacement if you have option.

  • You can do it but the next one that stops you will have the same problem too

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    I'm having the same issue. I use youtube with dark mode, at night whole app just glows kinda red when lights are off and very annoying, most of the time I would have my phone on low brightness (<50%) indoors and I don't want to get used to it.

    I have been using Nexus 6P before this purchase, I compared it against ROG2, I just went WTF. It happens for all refresh modes (60-120hz).

    I only recently bought it, so still have return window open, I'm thinking of going for replacement, but don't want this happening again. Has anybody gotten the good replacement which is not having this issue ? If not then maybe I'll just go for refund.

  • I guess this is also a hardware issue and don't think that replacing device is an solution because many people are facing this issue so we think Asus should do something about it.

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