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GladiatorzGladiatorz Level 2
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Is it just me or do i need to change any settings?

When i am on a call and i get another call which is on waiting..but before me answering the 2nd automatically answers the 2nd call without me swiping to answer...! Hope it makes sense to what i said..!


  • It is really happens on android 10 also..! Was on a call and suddenly another call came and it answered automatically and put other person on call..any fix plz??

  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
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    Could be... you have "Hands up" enabled in Advanced -> Gestures. So you're in a call, you hear there's another caller, you wonder who, look at your phone, move it back up to your head and this triggers it to answer that call too.

    I can ask our devs if we can make it so that this feature is only active for the first call.

  • Yes please..thnx

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