Haptic feedback is not working in any games

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Haptic feedback mechanism is working fine with ringtone, notification and touches but not working while playing games. Is there any settings needs to be toggled? I played Asphalt 8 with all the vibration checkmarks on but still the same is not working. Any suggestions?


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    Same thing to know ????

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  • Are you sure Asphalt 8 has haptic feedback? I downloaded it and didn't find any vibration boxes to check. Most games doesn't have vibrations

  • Hi,

    My mistake actually, I have referred asphalt 8 by mistake It's asphalt 9 actually which comes preloaded with the phone.

  • PUBGmobile have vibration ...seen in one plus device so how to enable for PUBG??? @Anders_ASUS

  • Ah, ok, they have enabled haptic feedback for PUGB through their Game Space app. I'll check with our devs if this is something that can be implemented in Game Genie / Armoury Crate

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    Yeah... I had a Oneplus 7 Pro before RP2 and the tactile feedback on Asphalt 9 was far superior to what we have on ROG Phone 2, which is a gaming smartphone. It makes no sense. The Op7Pro vibrated quickly to the beat of the music and the car's accelerator was also felt. I think this is just a matter of the asus team to take this into account. I hope they do. I felt the same in Minecraft Earth, which also have a superior feedback on Oneplus phone.

    Sorry for necroing the post, it came up when I googled about the matter.

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    Personal preference but haptic feedback in Asphalt 9 is just a gimmick. Those vibrations every time I do or scratch something are only distractive. Especially while using air triggers when my fingers constantly rest on them. Vibrations are just too strong for my taste. For me totally annoying. Maybe it can be of a better use in other games, where you could get some useful feedback or warning.

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