Asus 6z restart problem

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I already ordered one zenfone 6z i had a restart issue in that so i gone for a replacement after so many struggle.

I recieved a new mobile today again the issue is continuing what's wrong with the device also i didn't have any apps just whatsapp is just a 18 hours old device...

Whats all this Asus? I just fed up with your device. It's my second time and my second new device


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    I'm very sorry this happened to you. It sounds so strange that you managed to get two devices with the same issue (if this one too auto restarts). The risk of that is so small. My only advice is that you contact your dealer to get a third device. The risk of getting a third device that also auto restarts is close to impossible.

  • Brother i am suggesting to return your device,

    I had also faced same problem ,

    Your a lucky in fact in my opinion you got problem before replacement period,

    I faced after day of that period

    They put in service center morethan 20days

    Mine was just 1 month mobile

    I used only 10-12 days only

    Return the product, and never ever dare to buy asus products

  • Even for me also this is the first and last product of Asus.... BAD EXPERIENCE WITH ASUS as the phone is dead after several restarts.

  • @amandeep

    Is your phone dead? did you visited the service center?? what did they said???

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