Screen rotation issue

RustylordRustylord Level 3
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My screen isn't showing rotate option when i tilt my phone.

It used to show previously.

Only auto rotate works.@Anders_ASUS

When i change my screen size (the double tap home button thingy) and again bring it back to normal i find that rotation option back again.


  • Even auto rotate has issues sometimes,it has improved but it is far from perfect @Anders_ASUS ,will there be another update?

  • mosimchahmosimchah Level 2
    edited November 2019

    For me the rotate option doesn't show up and auto rotate doesn't work either sometimes, only fix I found is to reboot, haven't tried changing the display size, this started with 194, I've seen it happen 3 times since the update

  • You will have android Q soon. Hopefully you will experience some improvement with auto rotate

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