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[Sharing infomation]

*a monitor support 144hz.

*a pc

*a rog phone 2

*a mobile desktop dock

when desktop dock mobile mode monitor will display perfect.

but change to desktop dock PC mode , monitor won't display and dark screen no signal.

my PC nvdia setting display is 1920x1080 144hz.

after i change setting in pc nvidia display to 120hz. mobile desktop dock PC mode is work.

so my question is .

hey! i understand ROG phone2 screen 120hz only.

but asus selling 144hz monitor and connect mobile desktop not provide 144hz for pc mode ?

and i check every official website not mention about this problem and let me spend 1 day to solve this problem.

just sharing for other user get same problem.

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    Nice rig ;)

    You need to have Displayport all the way for 144hz to work from your PC. I can't even get the option to go above 120Hz when using HDMI myself but it works great with displayport. The phone will ofc output 120Hz regardless of which cable you use.


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