can use ROG Kunai controller with pubg??

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Can I use the original controller with Asus ROG II to play in PUBG without causing a banned my account?


  • VolodesiVolodesi Level 3
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    Probably. You can bind on-screen controls to the Kunai. So it should appear as you're using touch controls. You can also bind Mouse/Keyboard to on-screen controls I believe.

    If only I could buy the controller here in the states. :(

  • Thank you, is it possible to suspend my account or ban it if I use it?

  • No clue. I don't play the game.

    Pretty sure people use emulators to play using controllers and Mouse/Keyboard.

  • I don't use emulator

    But play via the official app

    I want to buy the Asus control but I am afraid that they will ban my account

  • Why would they ban your account? That just sounds totally silly. I'm sure PUBG has a customer support chat, why don't you ask them directly????

  • I doubt they will ban people because PUBG is supported by tencent which has a special version of RoG Phone 2 for China. I am sure they are aware that ASUS has a dock which can connect a keyboard and mouse to play games.

  • Just for information, I have now completed three weeks of playing with it, and there has been no problem with me .

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