Auto retract camera improvement

alexalbert03alexalbert03 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

So it just happens that when we place the phone on a desk or somewhere with camera facing down, the snug fit camera comes a bit out ( a tiny bit) due to force we keep it and becomes marginally lose.

And over time with more such activities it becomes visibly lose. Although I understand you guys have perfectly placed the camera retract button in the quick toggle for just this, my suggestion is like if you did an auto retract feature every 30 minutes or something .

My understanding is , if we press the retract button even if camera is snug , the motor doesn't overdrive and some limiting algorithm is present. So if that's the case auto retracting it shouldn't cause much problem. I am still unaware of the battery impact though, just an idea I had.


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