Anyone getting stuck at 80-81% while charging

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So it has occured on several occassion that the phone doesn't charge up more than 81% even after 15-20,min left to charging

Anyone facing this kind of issue ?

I had the same experience with asus 6z.


  • NoixNoix Level 1

    Do you have battery care enabled ? On my Zenfone when I charged the phone outside the schedule hours it stopped charging at 80% then I disabled battery care and phone charges until 100%

  • Definitely battery care. I watched mine hit 80-81% last night not long after connecting to the charger, then at 7am it was 100%

  • I have my battery care set from 10pm until 7am. I woke up at 4am and noticed it being 100 percent. Does that sound about right?

  • Battery care schedule is not working properly. My schedule time is 1am to 7am but it is getting enabled out of schedule hours as well.

  • battery care to control your charge is not going full untill reach the end time just will fill it up full. this is avoid over fully charge at over night will hurt battery life.

  • I have a same problem with my Zenfone 5z ... ?

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