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    I faced this issue too recently. I got it resolved now by changing the settings in the armory crate. Open the armory crate and select the pubg scenario Profiles. Select display, turn off anti aliasing and set refresh rate to as system/default. The issue will be resolved. This worked for me.

  • The main issue is with the touch. When ever I am trying to look around in the game, the touch Response is choppy.

    And it's very clear when I open the ADS (open scope to aim), I am unable to control recoil. Sometimes the gun keeps going up and I have to make a second swipe to control it.

  • I had same issue in pubg. Now solved .when u using right side air trigger ur finger may be slightly touching the corner of the display

  • I also have this problem,does anybody have a fix?

  • I'm having this...

    forum.xda-developers. com/zenfone-5z/help/touch-sensitivity-decreases-latency-t4040599

    (remove the space between dot and com)

    ...on my 5Z, it's the same as yours or it's a different issue?

    There's a comparative video between 5 and 5Z: asuswebstorage. com/navigate/a/#/s/1435B53919794E4AA78D75460C54C191Y

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