Notification panel toggle(system) icons are messed up after 1908.21

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edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

The notification panel toggle or system icons are messed up as you can see in the above screenshot after 1908.21 update in my ROG Phone II. Not all the icons but you could see these below mentioned icons are messed.

1.Airplane mode



4.Sound profile

5.Memory Cleaner

6.X Mode


Please do look into this and red tint over grey in brightness<50%.

I hope you guys will fix these in the coming update. ?


  • Oh wow, that is really odd.

    Can you try a reboot of your phone and post the picture here as well. If you still see the same mismatched icons I'll pass this case along.

  • RPMRPM Level 1

    Thanks, it worked. But whether it is a known bug ? Or something else ?

  • This might be a one off bug. If it happens again please report it here and I'll let the software team know.

    Software can be weird sometimes. ;)

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