Speaker/Earpiece volume/camera issue

Krishna99Krishna99 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

 I just bought Zenfone 6Z and also updated same with latest version. Quality of Camera/Earpiece volume/very cheap Sound quality are the biggest issue i am facing. Kindly give me solution asap so wouldnt be regrating my choice buying 6Z.


  • I have no problem with camera quality. Earpiece is also ok to me. Bottom speaker's basic settings are not great but you can easily alter it to your liking in DTS app. Then it can sound much better.

  • Appriciate your suggestions but it really sound cheap.. My zenfone 3 quality was much beeter than this one.

  • I agree with VS-KR , after tweeking with audio wizard much to pleasure I was satisfied . Sounds are very crisp and clear with enough beat to them. Earpiece quality is an entire different thread though.

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