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When is the Rog Kunai Gamepad being released in North America ?

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    Will the Kunai Gamepad and TwinView dock be compatible with future iterations of the phone? That is will you keep the form factor the same? I would love to buy those but considering cumulative price I would love to use them a bit longer than the phone itself. I see a lot of potential in a TwinView dock for the way I use the phone. The form factor with front facing speakers and slight bezzels around the screen is perfect and no nonsense design and I see no reason to change the way other producers are doing

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  • yes, it will be cool if the form factor remains the same next year so that the same accessories are used for next year’s model. However seeing that the first model was slightly different from this second, so don’t keep your hopes up. Only the mobile desktop dock can be used from the previous model

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