Camera takes horrible pics on Rog2



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    I will definitely keep the Rog 2. I also play a lot of games. Music over my audiophile headphones sounds amazing, I get incredible battery life. And photos after all are better than on Note 8 I previously had. I knew reading all reviews before purchasing that camera was not the best. Or shall I say camera software as on the hardware side I would only add optical image stabilization. That was a compromise I was willing to take although I love photography. I am a passionate amateur photographer with occasional assignments in sports photography. If you're after mobile photography, check Huawei with Leica glass. That's incredible for a phone camera. But there is the issue with Google. So perfect doesn't exist (yet).

  • As promised, here you have a Night mode comparison. The differences are so small that it makes a lot more difference if you're holding your breath or not.

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    Thank you for photos. I don't have ZenFone so here I can look into details from both phones.

    Actually the photo from the ZenFone 6 is a little better. Look in the sky and you will see it's a little less bright. The interpretation of black is better. There is higher dynamic range. Particularly in the sky you will see less noise. The interpretation of the light is better from the ZenFone. Also the photo from the ZenFone 6 is sharper. For example if you zoom in the cars parked on the right of the building in the center with green light. Particularly the area between the sky and the land and the first line of street lights bellow the sky you will see sharper on ZenFone. That area I particularly like on ZenFone. That transition from the sky to the land is done really well. To summarize, Rog 2 night mode has 3 areas where ZenFone is slightly better: dynamic range, sharpness (detail) and colour interpretation.

    That said, those differences are not really seen immediately and you have to look closer to notice. To people not interested in photography those 2 photos would look almost identical. The major difference would be field of view.

    It doesn't necessarily have to be software oriented. Night mode takes long time to process and micro-shakes in the hand during processing can result in those changes. For a real comparison you would need to use gimbal head. Shortening processing time in my opinion would solve most issue.

    For this reason I get better night photos in manual mode in 48 mp. I can play with shutter and Iso to get best results. That is the lowest possible iso for the shutter speed my hand can be steady enough. Like that I can get very good results. I am actually pleased with the camera. All it takes is a little bit of engaging myself how to get the best with the hardware I have. Positive attitude! But I guess majority just wants to point and shoot and get amazing results immediately.

  • Not all have knowledge regarding iso , shutter speed and all

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    Agree. Not all have same interests.

  • Camera is ok ok side but shadow rigion can be improved where it is missing out details also same for front camera details are missing

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