zenfone 6 not charging via usb plugged on a pc

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i just got my zenfone 6 and i noticed that the phone do not charge if conected on a pc via usb, this is normal or i have a problem? (the battery icon change to the charge status, but after more than 30min connect he do not change the battery level)

with the charger that comes with him he charges normaly.



  • Battery care disabled ?

    USB Port output is not limited by a software ? (Like USB Charger + on ASUS PC)

  • My phone is charging when connected to USB on PC. You're phone may have issues.

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    i think not, i charged my zenfone 5 til yesterday on the same port.

    is there any config on phone that I need to check?

  • A notification should appears when you plug your phone. Click on it and select Charge the phone.

    Your computer delivers a lower current, the best way to charge your phone is to turn it off.

  • Try more ports. It could be that the port that worked with your ZenFone 5 is slightly too weak to trigger the ZenFone 6 charging.

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