Camera focusing issue

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My camera is not focusing as it was before it was taking so much time to focus but when i close the camera app(default) and open again the same object got focused for which it took so long in the first try i also maintained the minimum focusing range but it's not focusing.and in instagram selfie is not focusing at all i had to close and open again everytime so please fix this, is anybody facing this problem


  • Nope... Focus is pretty fast in mine

  • prashanthprashanth Level 3
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    I face the issue in video call in whatsapp ,i dont know if its the app problem or phone but there is a focusing problem

  • Reset the camera app, test the focus in Pro mode.

  • I have encountered this issue on a few occasions but it has always been easily fixed by changing camera, exiting the app or similar. The focus freezing is too inconsistent to find the root cause and fix it.

  • Thanks for the reply but please try to make the focus better because for now this is the best camera phone out there ?

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