[Bug Report] Missing actions in Smart Key settings

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edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Certain actions such as flashlight and camera actions are limited to specific key-press combinations of the smart key.

For instance, I can't select any camera actions for the the double-press combination. Similarly, no flashlight for the press and hold combination.

All actions should be available for all combinations.

I'm on the .194 firmware.


  • Imagine you have the flashlight ON all the day because earlier the Smart Key was pushed by something in your pocket/bag .

  • That's a weak argument. One could say the same about the mute/silence toggle and practically every other action.

  • One push button with this interaction doesn't work while the screen is off.

  • That's a weak argument. You could say the same about the actions too (you set the single tap combo to toggling the silent/mute mode and something in your bag/pocket triggers it all, causing you to miss all your calls).

  • Yes but muting your Phone doesn't kill your battery power and life like flashlight does.

  • Uh, sure but some would argue that missing important calls is far more important. I don't understand why people are defending this oversight. The arguments about accidental activation are quite a stretch - The power and volume buttons can fall under the same category too. Ultimately, the user should have the option to choose a combination that works best for them. Limiting them artificially like it's currently done only serves to negatively affect the usability of said feature.

    @Anders_ASUS Could you please chip in?

  • I'm not defending it I'm also not in favour of this but we also gotta understand the Devs point of view that's what I'm saying.

  • Well, as plausible it might sound, that's just speculation as we don't quite know what the developers' perspective is (all the more reason to wait for them to chime in).

  • I'll say that you're not first to request this feature and that it has already been forwarded to our devs.


    It's up to our devs and their bosses to decide now. I even forwarded a users idea of putting camera retract as an option for the power button.

    We never get a Yes or No when we forward something regardless of what they think about the idea so all we can do now is to hope for the best. They always have their reasons for these decisions like VS-KR and Nanni pointed out but there's always a change that they can change their mind.

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