Software optimization and few hardware issues.

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Hi Guys,

Few below pointers needs to be addressed in the next firmware upgrade to have a wonderful experience with Asus.

1. Messaging app needs to be simplified. (Spam or junk messages needs to be under a single tab)

2. Icons for work profile needs to be under a different tab or menu, as of now it looks very messy.(this feature is already avilable in most of the budget segments too)

3. No flashlight option in gestures

4. While scrolling through the notification or ringtones i sometimes dont here the complete tone it plays for a sec and stops, after a restart it works well (happens occassionally)

Need some clarification for some hardware related issues.

1. Area near the Finger print scanner when fully lit has pixel issues in all the edges of the circle (not sure if its a manufacturing process).

2. Does the secondary flashlight work, have never seen it glowing.

3. Why there is no mesh membrane beneath the air duct, its easy for moisture or dust to seep in.


    1. Messaging app as in our SMS app? How do you propose we filter junk SMS?
    2. Thanks for the feedback. Can you please send me a screen shot of a device where you like how they solved it so I know what to suggest to our devs.
    3. I can send this feedback to our devs. Until then you can assign a 3rd party flashlight app to your desired gesture
    4. Thanks for the feedback

    1. Can you catch this pixel issue with a second camera
    2. Second flash is a RGB light for the optional lightning bumper
    3. It would be a lot harder for the air to get out
  • Thanks for your revert.

    Visible pixels near fingerprint sensor - Triedmy best to capture, its not even close to what i see through my eyes, its a lot worst. (Can see them through a reading distance)

    Sample screenshots attached.

  • Any update on this?

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