How many days will take to replace motherboard

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I bought Asus 6z on September 9 2019 and got delivered on October 5th 2019 from October 18 th 2019 it started auto restarting I submitted mobile on october 19 in Guntur Asus service centre they said we don't repair we will send to Bangalore ,

Till now I didn't get any call from Asus service centre,

They are not even responding to calls ,

Mrs.asus tell me officially how many days you take to repair a mobile ?

In These days life won't run without a smartphone, how you are expecting to wait long time

Answer me how many maximum days you need to repair mobile device


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    I don't have access to that information on my end. Unfortunately I can't provide an update for you. I realize that you are saying that the repair center is not answering your calls.

    Is there another number/email you can contact for ASUS India Support that might be able to get you an update?

    Their contact info section is towards the bottom.

  • Hello do you any procedure that this repair is need to be completed in that time , if the repair is unusual ,do u have any procedure to inform to customer delay in repair due to unusual repair , don't give stupidity answers, you are trillion dollar company , don't give useless offers ,

    I thought you don't have proper information about your product ,your service centres .

    I had a proof ,one of your executive has called me and put me hold to contact to service centre, after connecting that service person became hyper because he is not authorized service person nor a representative of it, even your executive has feeled troucher ,

    Don't give your business to other third parties

    You doing different business with third parties under the name of Asus India Pvt ltd ,

    Even Asus 6z is also not mfg by Asus

  • For replacement it has taken 20 days ,

    I am adding this comment because ,may be useful for someone in future

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