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  • i think i need to reflash to oldest version of glabal or stock cn firmware?

    guys what version should i download?

  • Check for raw firmware guide made by jazonx

  • I have the same issue but with the left trigger. It flickers or becomes unresponsive during gameplay. Started happening after OTA update. Please fix the bug. Also if they could just add accent colors for UI, would be absolute Joy to use.

  • I recently had word with asus service center and they said the team is working on same and it should be fixed in next fota.fingers crossed

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  • I got my ROG 2 on the 17th October. Had it for 8 days till the 24th evening when i got the update (the problem occured after playing for 30-60 minutes after the update, NOT right away after updating. After waiting allmost 2 weeks i got a NEW replacement phone with a physical defect (back glass not glued properly). Then on Nov 14 i got my 3rd replacement, that i updated with the same update (that presumably made the first units right trigger flicker) right away and had no issues. Also installed all the following updates after as they were available, still there were no problems. Today (Dec 1st) i got the latest update after which pressing the backside of the phone behind air triggers started activating them (as i seen someone mention in the earlyer comments), but the triggers still operate OK, not perfect, but good enough. 

    Sometimes the flicker appears after holding the trigger for a long time, like holding an open scope. Or after the last update, when the trigger activates from touching the back glass, it takes a few seconds for the trigger to work properly pressing in the correct spot, something like adaptive presure sensing happens.

    To me it looks like a technical issue of the pressure sensor being too delicate and sensitive to the poor accuracy of assembly or even freme desigh being too weak physicaly to support the pressure without deformating and causing pressure sensing issues. For example, i noticed quite diferent protuberance of the phone parts assembly (all 3 units had about 0.5mm of protrusion height diference of the backside plastic of the "ROG AERODYNAMIC SYSTEM when messuring from the back glass panel)". 

    Hope not, but looks like all of us are going to visit repairs sooner than later.. Hope thats just the disapointment from the bad expirience, thats going to change.

    Probably the best phone i ever had, but the trigger issue is frustrating as most of us would not have bought the phone, if not for the air triggers.

    Thankyou for reading.

  • I was going to buy this phone, so lucky I found on YouTube a video where a guy talks about this issue. So I did some Google searches and end up here and on similar threads on Reddit and XDA.

    As everyone is getting this issue differently, it must be hardware issue and not software.

    Will at least Ultimate version fix this? A gaming phone with unreliable triggers, bah...

  • I'm having the same issues, the back of the phone triggers the red air trigger.

    You mentioned having the problem after the update.. does that mean it's a software issue?

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    I would say Aliplaygames points in the right direction. That this might be the hardware issue. In my case everything works fine, with air triggers sensitivity put to +3 and fingers laying option active. It could be that I just have a perfectly assembled item. I am actually very satisfied with air triggers and everything else how the phone performs. I play Asphalt 9 several hours a day.

  • IMO its more of a coinsidance. Because the phone i have now is working fine and it had all the same updates as the first one that had the issue of the right air trigger.

    Also the pressing of the back of the phone is not a new thing, it was there, but after the last update it got much more sensitive, as ASUS is probably trying to fix the flickering with software updates. Before it was not sensitive enough to press accidently.

    If this is software, why dosent everyone have these issues?

    Also my first phone, the one with the issue had something wrong with the right trigger from the start, but it wasnt noticable, only later i noticed the same pressure aplyed to both side triggers gave diferent levels values. And after the update it progressed to the max. So again i think it was there from the start as a factory defected unit.

    The only thing i didnt try on the phone that works fine is the squeeze function, that would use a lot of pressure to activate and uses the right trigger we are having issue with.

  • Its not so bad. Dosent seem to be that many faulty units considering the big quantity of these phones sold. Including the tencent version.

    But still, after the expirience, not much fun living in fear that the trigger might fail unexpectedly, and ruin your day, or weekend as it was for me and having no phone for a month until rapair or replacement procedures take place.

    Im surprised of everyones patience still hoping for a magic update after a month has passed living with the issue. Thats what warranty is for.

    The ultimate is the same phone just double the storage (1TB), better 4G conectivity and matte back glass. Might have missed some thing, but thats it.

  • Yeah, but I'm sure you can understand how I'm not more likely to buy the phone just to live in the fear of a faulty unit, or a perfect unit that gets damaged during normal use and/or wait for software updates that made useless a gaming phone (at least for some unlucky customers) for 1 month.

    If at least Asus takes the issue a bit more seriously (yes, an unreliable trigger makes the phone COMPLETELY USELESS) I would still consider buying it. They said they found the bug and fixed it but still many customers have the issue. Not to mention how hardware/assembly fail is very likely to be the real cause since everyone's problem is slightly different from others, but that's a different story, but still, IMHO, you guys shouldn't go for Repair procedure and wait 1 month for a new unit, but Asus should proceed for global recall (obviously only if hardware/assembly fail is confirmed, don't get me wrong so, keep investigating!) just like Nvidia did some years ago with their Shield gaming tablet having battery issues. They first sent you new tablet, then once you turn it on, the old one gets a Killswitch update that bricks forever the faulty unit. (Well, battery was dangerous, not exactly like a defective trigger but I still liked how customers didn't have to do anything or wait months since I was one of them).

    Lol, but I agree with you. I'm really surprised of everyone's patience, it seems like I care more than who can't play


    When I said Ultimate version might not have the issue, it's just because, maybe, once they're aware of possible assembly fail they would take measures to prevent triggers not working properly.

  • Imo devs take all issues very seriously since they respond and try to fix them.

    I think that most of us have perfectly fine units and a small percentage of people have faulty units, this will happen with every device/phone/car. Those are the people that complain on the forum and so it looks like there are more unsatisfied costumers than there really are.

    Maybe im just lucky, I dunno but my phone works perfect. The only annoying bug i had was during the .35 update when the right trigger acted wierd. This was fixed when I updated to .44

  • Well, I hope so, I really don't want to join the complaint club here ?

  • @nightsilvance

    i have the ROG 2 device and i'm facing the same issue after the last update, the device got hanged suddenly after 10 min of use for 20 sec. either we have to hard reboot it or wait for the 20-30 sec. this thing happens when you are using any apps from your mobile or when you unlock the device via finger lock. but the strange things that i observed while phone got hanged,

    1.) volume button , finger lock and power button are working but when i press power button to restart the device i can't do it.

    2.) i have to press vol up-down button + power button for hard reboot then it will work fine after reboot.

    So for the Asus team either you guys provide us new stable update or will return your device and twitter will be on fire if you won't provide the proper response.

  • They can get all the information about the functioning of the phone if you install the log tool. You have to repeat or recreate the action after installing the tool and then take a log report and share it with them via drive link

  • :( I still have the same issue. My right air trigger is unresponsive sometimes not like my left one. Please asus fix this asap

  • is there any global 12/512 version or cn stock rom experiencing the same problem or the tencent version only who flashed to global rom have this problem?

  • Mine is global 12/512 version. After the previous update, the frequency that the issue happen to me is greatly reduced. But once in awhile it still happens.

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