Air Trigger issue



  • Hi, where ca I download the firmware 2009.47?. is not on the webpage, and I cannot do it via OTA cos my phone is Tencent version

  • After the update get worse the air trigger sometime freeze,an can be triggered while pressing the screen

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Updates on firmwares can be found here - you should choose the one with CN since you have a Tencent model:

    Is it possible you can do a video of the issue? Preferbly without your fingers near the trigger so we can see the air triggers being triggered on screen.

  • My phone has never been outside, worked flawless when I got it, and now I can't even game with my gaming phone because my Rog 2 triggers just go off by themselves even if I set my sensitivity all the way to 8. Touch the back of phone anywhere, blue trigger starts going. Off. Havent even touched this phone in over month because it has turned into such garbage, even tho it looks brand new and never abused. Seemed to have issues right about when u released rog 3.... seems like a horrible marketing strategy to cripple our devices and push us to buy the new ones... I can't post a video here but if someone would actually try to help and give me a contact I would send you one. I factory data reset entire phone this morning and the issue persists. This is a second phone that I used only for gaming and now I'm paying for useless brick. Most people only bought this phone for the triggers. Not happy camper.

  • This picture should sum it up easy enough, for even a Wookie to understand... Hands not on triggers, they can go off all the way up to 8 by themselves by touching just about anywhere on back of phone... Thanks Asus!

  • I went back and reverted to android 9. The final form of 9 seems to be best overall for function on this device as far as air triggers are concerned. Moment you install the latest update. Your gonna have problems with the air triggers mistouch which they say "they fixed" in the damaging patch notes. (You failed miserably and pushed it to our devices.) This is where you went wrong, I can't point any more fingers than I got to drag this into your obviously distracted on the new product attention, and I hope this helps you guys that they keep telling have hardware issues on a phone that was more then likely treated by many like a race car...

  • Update: Installed October 2019 android 9 downgrade patch. All is well again. Same buttery smoothness I remember with super crisp upload speeds again. Just as it should be as I received it in the box. First match back in COD mobile with this patch was like God Mode. I have disabled automatic updates and phone will remain in pie. Done. Dont mess with perfection for the bigger number, lesson learned.

  • Same problem here, right trigger Is not working properly, left One Is perfect. Hope Asus Will solve this soon, this Is getting me really sad..

  • After the last update of pubg the air triggers stopped working. When I start the game I get this:

    Please help me to solve this problem

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Are you on Android 9 and did you recently update Game Genie through Google Play Store?

    If yes, then perform the following:

    Can you go to Settings - Apps and Notifications - See all X apps - Game Genie

    Top right, there are 3 dots, click on it and do Uninstall Updates.

  • Thank you so much, it worked!

  • Left trigger is acting weird after A10 .49 update, even just holding the back of the phone is triggering the left trigger so annoying! The reason I have updated from A9 .44 to A10 .49 was my WIFI/data being disconnected randomly while playing. Now I don't have that issue but for the price of sacrificing the good old air trigger functionality.

    Anyone encountering the WIFI or mobile issue while at A9? Any help will be appreciated 😥

  • Same issue here.

    After Android 10 .49 update, the left Air Trigger is triggered even with a light pressure on the back cover.

  • End up downgrading to A9 and it is fixed! I will never upgrade to A10 unless all issues are resolved. Also game genie from A10 sucks because when the phone is docked you cannot open the game genie from sliding from left on your screen, and even the visual and sound intro doesn't look good😜

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