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  • Look earlier on in the thread for @bunnyfastard 's posts. It was a motherboard issue and the service center knew how to fix it. The newness of the phone isn't relevant, apparently we made a mistake during production on your unit.

  • I'm having the same issue. Don't know if this happened because of the latest firmware since I started to use them after I updated my phone. I guess it's a software issue since a lot of poeple didn't face this issue before updating their phones.

  • even i turned them on/off and tried changing tapping force to 1,2,3,4 to max the problem still there. no change.

  • Hi,

    Asus Team.

    I trusted on this team and I trusted on this brand. However, this firmware issue related to trigger is causing much pain. The issue is not resolved and I have paid a lot to buy this product.

    Are you able to come up with a solution or are you just talking and doing nothing.

    I am thinking of a refund of my amount as I don't think that this issue will get resolved. There is no update and there is no satisfactory response from Asus Team on which I can rely anymore.

    It feel really bad when you trust someone and that trust is broken. I feel the same right now.

  • Terrible issue with flickering on triggers... Pls fix it... Asus team

  • With this air trigger flickering issue the mobile is almost useless coz people are buying this thing only for gaming purpose. It has been more than a month and no further gesture has been shown by the Asus team to resolve the problem. Rather people who bought this phone should make more videos and show this problem so that new buyers might get alert instead of getting cheated, wasting so much money on this rubbish.

  • Air triggers is just one of the many thing it offers

    It's not like air triggers are the main highlight of this device,it's just one of the features in there

    Btw this is a device for power users too

    Wait for android 10 stable maybe?

    If it's software related it'll probably be solved

  • Same to me how to solve this problem plese help me

  • Hi all I got the same problem with my left trigger. Don't know if I'm lucky but I factory reset the phone and it work perfectly now. Sensitivity on 2 for both LR, booster on but not the finger resting option. I haven't got any issue for 4-5 hours of gaming.

  • DidinDidin Level 1

    I have the same problem with my ROG 2 left trigger, i use it for firing on COD and PUBG. I start to notice it a couple weeks after i bought the phone, but i still can work with it, and then it getting worse. I'm very disappointed, one of the reason i bought the phone is because the air triggers, but it's not working properly after a few weeks? Come on! Please fix this as soon as possible.

  • same here like it intermittent or sometimes it stops and even if you are actually squeezing it it stops firing and in-game you lose a close quarter gun fight.

  • Recommended to back up your data and factory reset the phone after the upgrade to Android 10.

    If that doesn't resolve the issue, then you will need to contact your local repair center for a warranty repair.

  • Hi, i had that flickering problem with red air trigger when I updated to the last 1910.64... But i see someone said that downgrade to 1908.12 will fix it and yes it did. I really hope that on A10 update fix this problem, I don't like the idea of ​​being on old firmware version.

  • I can confirm that this is not a hardware but it's a software issue. I had the same issue with the right air trigger, that is used as a fire button. This issue still isn't fixed, not even in the latest update Version WW-17.0210.2001.60. I have flashed my phone back to the version Version WW-16.0622.1907.33 and air triggers work without any problem. Played pubg for over 4 hours straight, even with the overheated phone air triggers worked !!! This issue started for me right after I upgraded my phone in october update, when the slide option for air triggers was released.

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    This air trigger flickering issue is very annoying.. I brought this mobile only cuz of air trigger option. This is absolutely annoying. Fix it or gimme a solution for this. Be responsible and amswer or do something.



  • If you can provide a video and a log for both, showing that the phone operates as expected on the older firmware, I'd like to see that.

    I'll send you the log tools and instructions.

  • Hello as you did to downgrade to the previous version, since I updated to A10, the red button does not work well, please I need the link, thanks.

  • samDesamDe Level 1

    I don't have video record, but from my experiance, my right air-trigger flickering when virtual-therm over 40°C

    i'm playing with fan attached, my therm under 40°C, i got no problem

    Might hardware issue, but, i'm not sure service center can fix it

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