Dual 4g sim

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Can anyone confirm..if this works..!!

I have 2 sims ( vodafone and jio) i got a call on vodafone number but as i have enabled dual 4g..shouldnt my jio data work while me still on call from vodafone.

So to make it clear..if i am on sim 2 call (vodafone) my jio (sim 1) data should work right?? Its not working..!!

Can anyone help me plz..!


  • Very few phones have "Dual SIM Dual Active/Dual SIM Full Active" which is required for both SIM to work at the same time.

    Our phone and most others use Dual SIM Standby, meaning that If you're on a call on SIM 1, then SIM 2 will be dead, regardless if Dual SIM 4G is enabled. What this option does is that it will listen on 4G with both SIMs when in standby. If disabled, SIM 1 will have 4G VoLTE and SIM 2 will only have 3G. Both will have 4G data without Dual SIM 4G so this option is only helpful for those who have carriers with VoLTE support on ASUS devices.

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