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I see so many issues on the forum as ppl are complaining including me..! All active ppl are responding but i dnt see moderators and admins taking that much initiative or that much active on forum to resolve the issues..!

Forget abt resolving the issues..they dnt care to atleast respond as we as customers are waiting for an answer..!

I doubt that these moderators that are here..are they seriously working with asus or made them moderators just like any forum to respond on queries where they cant rake any action.

I understand that all cannot be active 24/7 but then why make them moderators as well who dnt answer the queries as well? Its so frustrating..!


  • We might miss some posts, but that is never intentional. We try to be as active as we can.

    The goal here is to create a community where end users and staff members can communicate about issues with their devices. It is not meant to be a platform where only ASUS staff has the right answer. If a question has been answered by another end user I generally leave it at that.

    What issue do you need help with?

  • It's quite strange that you say this when I have replied all you posts except the last one, because I was in my bed. Sometimes, there might be questions that that goes unanswered for a longer time. It could either be because we have gotten round to reply it yet. I prioritize replying in all new threads before backtracking older ones to see if there are any new posts to reply. It could also be that it's a question that needs to be investigated further before we can reply. I would say it's quite unique that we reply in the manner that we do. Most mods in this forum are directly tied to our core phone team while most other manufacturer forums have service agents who will reply "please reset your phone" to a majority of all questions because it's easier for them. I say this to some times but only as a last resort to figure out if it's a software or hardware issue.

  • Most mods in this forum are directly tied to our core phone team while most other manufacturer forums have service agents who will reply "please reset your phone" to a majority of all questions because it's easier for them. I say this to some times but only as a last resort to figure out if it's a software or hardware issue.

    I have never had such support on any previous phone on the forum. It really surprised me very pleasantly and that was one of the reasons why I decided for my very first Zenfone and I'm glad I did.

  • Response is good enough.. you get all the answers.. just before creating new question please check the forum.

  • Okay my bad..i was so frustrated with the issues i have with my phone and i started feeling like i did a mistake in buying this phone..but then still i use to convince myself saying no this is really the best phone.

    So issues i hav are:

    1) camera issue - just now i tried opening camera and i got a msg couldn't start. Please restart camera. Pro mode doesnt seem to work at shutter 32s and iso at 100 (it worked fine on previous update). The camera processing of the image has to be improved as compared to ther phones. I always let my friends know that i got a phone with so good camera..but when i click..i feel ashamed. Which is the reason this frustration..! The camera is good no doubt but not crisp and clear images that we expect from this phone.

    2) we have the option to use dual 4g. If i understand correctly, i am on call with sim 2 (vodafone) and sim 1 is jio..the data should still work technically..but it doesn't.

    3) battery charging - when i got this phone the charging speed was really good..but now its like if i use my phone the charging doesnt even increase or decrease it sticks at one point. I kept the phone on charge in morning and till evening battery still at 70-80% like seriously? I dnt use any feature of battery modes or anything..

    4) the camera doesnt flip at 1st go. It get stuck. In a day atleast once it has to happen (with stock and third party camera apps)

    5) while playing pubg multi toich doesnt work properly..i get stuck while moving..! Anyone else faced this issue? per the response i got from this thread, it feels am wrong..but trust me when u guys have issues and u dnt get solutions..ull feel the same way i did. I did not mean to hurt anyone here.. its just frustration..!

  • We all get frustrated sometimes, thank you for recognizing it.

    I don't have the answers to all your points, but I can help with a few.

    2. Anders replied to you here.

    3. You mean that without using the device, you had it plugged in for 8 hours and it never charged above 80%? That might be something to talk to a repair center about. Are you using the original wall socket and cable to charge the phone?

    4. This has been discussed at length in a previous thread. One of the solutions was to make sure any cases/screen covers are not obscuring the proximity sensor. The location of that sensor is pictured in the thread.

    5. This issue has been reported once in the past, and we recommended contacting the service center. Multi-touch is not widely affected on PUBG for ZF6, or at least not widely reported.

  • 3) yes i have used the original charger and socket has a good power supply..its kind of wierd that it is not charging..! It sticks to one point only.

    4) i am not even using a cover..! The flip gets stuck at times..and its a known issue i beleive..! You guys need to do something abt it.

    5) i wish i could have recorded the game where i was stuck..i mean the moving of the chadacter was stuck..!

    Regarding the camera issue?? U did not answer to point no. 1. Today i did not even use the camera until i came to know abt the error that made me restart the phone to use the camera. What abt it??

  • I said "I don't have the answers to all your points, but I can help with a few." I don't have an answer to your point #1.

    If your phone isn't charging with the original socket and charger you need to contact a repair center.

    If you aren't using a cover and the proximity sensor isn't obstructed by dirt or dust you need to contact a repair center.

    It looks like you have a few hardware related issues that you need to discuss with the local repair center.

    1. We have talked to our camera team about this issue and they are fairly certain that it's a bug and that it can be fixed in the next FOTA or the one after that.
    2. This won't work on most phones. You need Dual Active SIM to do this which is quite rare.
    3. I thought this issue had gone away when you restarted your phone but obviously it didn't since you still mention it. Could be hardware. Cables break and lose their fast charging capability but you should still be able to charge 100% if you wait long enough. You say that you haven't activated battery care, otherwise this would have been my best bet.
    4. Some phones have been know to have a little too much resistance when flipping and this triggers the software to stop the camera. Service is the only way to fix it.
    5. It would be great if you manage to catch this on video next time it happens.
  • 5th issue -pubg issue is also faced by i think it is happening becoz of touching corners by mistakingly they should have provided the corner blocking option like rog 2 or mi k20 pro

  • Yes..i did thought that but when it started happening multiple times i posted it thats it not just the corner touch..!

  • Will the camera quality be improved as well along with this wierd bug?

    2) you said it wont work on most phones..does it work on our phone?

    3) right now i have kept the phone on charge and its at 51% and its not showing fast charging..! Its been like this for atleast 20mins or more and not gng ahead..! But if i restart the phone and charge it..i get fast charging notification and it charges well..! I am feeling its a bug.

    4)service of the camera? Well the issue is there but i think a little fix or an software update might fix it?

    5)i would love to do that but when it happens i dnt know..! I might have to record the whole game and cut and crop for this issue..! The corner touch might be the problem still but am not a pro to figure this out..! If corner touch fix for pubg will be there it will be great like the other guy posted..that rog 2 has it..!

    Thank you for responding to my questions :)

  • next time if this happen try pick your hand up aand touch sure this is corner issue ...i tooo need a solution bro for this

  • -2. No ZenFone 6 only has dual standby. You need a phone with dual active sim to be able to call on SIM 1 and surf on SIM 2 simultaneously.

    -3. Can you please try and find another USB C cable so we can exclude hardware?

    -4. Maybe we could increase the tolerated resistance but then we increase the risk of damaging the camera. My guess is that your camera has more resistance than what we designed it for.

    -5. Can you please record an entire match :) Please make sure that you have "show touches" enabled in screen recorder settings or I won't be able to see when the touch acts up.

  • 2) awww...:(

    3)new wires on the way..will be testing them and let u know..!

    4) let me know what you guys will be dng for the camera..! Also plz try to improve the quality of the image..maybe a little brighter and crisp images shall do the trick?

    5) i will record the game and send u the results soon..!

  • Just an update..!

    My charging issue seems to be resolved..just changed the cable..!

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