Camera orientation bugs while recording video.

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When I start recording a video and flip the camera manually the image doesn't flip upside down.

It's understandable since it's in the middle of a video, the camera maintains that orientation until you stop recording.

However, when I do it and rotate the phone the image rotates twice as much. If I rotate the phone 180 degrees the image is rotated 360 degrees.

Is it a known issue?


  • I don't really know if it's an issue. In what scenario would you do/need this?

  • The video result from that recording doesn't rotate like you see int eh video, it's working fine, it's just the view while recording that shows it like in the video.

    Still, feels weird, if I'm recording horizontally and I decide to flip my camera to record the opposite side it might be confusing since what I will see in the screen is not what the final video will look like with the image rotating when it shouldn't.

  • Yeah but it only happens if you flip the camera while recording and then you need to flip the phone as well.

    I don't see any scenario where someone would use this. I might be wrong but then you need to tell me in what scenario you would need this behaviour to work.

  • He's not asking for a feature but it's a bug.

    When we flip the phone the image rotates twice and remains in the inverted orientation in the viewfinder.

    However the recorded video is normal.

    I hope it's the problem. If it isn't please feel free to correct me.

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