Dust in wide angle camera on ROG2

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I've seen a few people on XDA getting dust inside their ROG2's.


@asus is this supposed to happen? Is it now dangerous to use the Gaming Cooler as it could force dusty air inside the phone and then this will collect under the camera glass??

I assume this is covered under warranty too?


  • The cooler has nothing to do with dust particles getting inside. I merely blows air on the phones surface, not into the phone.

    My guess is that there's an issue with the two specific devices mentioned in the xda thread. It's up to the ASUS service technician that investigates the device to determine if it's warranty or if the user has exposed the device in conditions that are not covered by warranty.

    There's nothing strange about moisture getting inside, they way he described it. A rain jacket pocket, If it's is not a very premium jacket that breathes, will keep moisture both on the inside (from your body) and on the outside. This is in a way, worse than being hit with a splash of water if being exposed to this environment for a longer time. But as he reported, it normally goes away after a couple of days unless circuits have been permanently corroded or short circuited.

    But to answer your question, if your phone has only been in your pocket and have this issue, then yes, it's covered by warranty.

  • Cheers for the response @Anders_ASUS

    Always good to know about these sort of issues, keep up the good work guys ?

  • Hey guys,

    did not want my first comment to be like this but i can confirm that even my device also had dust particles in the camera area and there was also a nasty scratch on top corner of metal part of the phone! Replacement ordered.

    Hoping for the best.

  • The same thing will happen to your replacement if you are not more careful, the truth was just now to buy it on offer by 11-11 but I will decline the purchase between that of dust and particles and the red dye on screen that an asus He has not spoken anything about it for a phone that is close to a thousand dollars is something very serious

  • me too im having this issue... my phone is almost a month old and I'm extra careful on it.. sad

  • well since they said it is covered under warranty...just send it in for a back panel replacement ? I think the adhesive wasn't applied properly in some areas.

  • well mine also get dust after 3 days of use. on wideangle lens albeit only 1 particle.

    i expect these kind of issues cant be happening on ROG II, expecially mine is the Ultimate 1TB version.

  • I guess the adhesive wasn't properly applied and the back glass wasn't properly seated.

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