Stereo Speakers on the Zenfone 6

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Hello there, I was wonering if some of you guy's with the Zenfone 6 can chime in on the following:

#How are the stereo speakers when it comes to the quality of the sound?

#How's the stereo separation?

#Are the speakers radically changed in quality when you mess with it through Audio-wizard?

#What would you rate them out of ten altogether?


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    The main speaker is good but the earpiece speaker quality is way too low for it to be called a stereo system.

    There'll be two different quality of sounds so it'll be loud and clear in general but won't sound as stereo.

    Audio wizard is good enough and you can tweak the sound if you want and it really improved the quality of sound.

    I'd rate it 8/10 in terms of sound quality but i just hate the fact that the marketting was done saying it has stereo speakers but it never mentioned the different quality of sounds and now they're saying that there was no space to fit a better quality speaker in the earpiece etc etc.

  • This is all true, but you can actually get a decent stereo sound if you cup your hand behind the earpiece speaker and not the main speaker. Doing this will boost the earpiece sound enough to make a real change. In a very loud environment you would want to do the opposite to boost the main speaker and this will of course take away the stereo separation completely. But in a normal environment, this trick works fairly well :)

  • Thanks for chiming in on this guys. I am a bit disappointed hearing this, as I heard mixed reports on Youtube and forums about them. One person will say they produce the effect well, while the other will say what Nanni said about the earpiece being to low to serve as an adequate speaker.

  • Well, I just bought my ZenFone 6 and need to say that I am also disappointed with its speakers. I loved its camera and how fast it is etc. However, when I watched the first video in YouTube I quickly realised that something was wrong. I even though my ZenFone 6 arrived with defective speakers, then I found this post. It is pretty easy to notice the bad stereo environment. Simply watch one of those videos for testing the left and the right speakers in YouTube.

    I am disappointed because the sound quality is much lower than in my old cell phone, which is 6 years old (LG G3) and my girlfriend's phone, which is almost 1/3 of ZenFone 6 price (Motorola Moto G6 Plus). As a suggestion, I am sure that being able to equalize or/and adjust each speaker volume independently, or at least being able to panning stereo audio, would improve this. I hope my comment can somehow be useful to you. All the best!

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    I'm always impressed with the fact that we don't have the same experience while we have the same phone.

    Either the phone was not assembly in the same way all the time or we don't have the same perception of sounds.

    Because honestly, the sound is good (i'm in normal profile). It was obvious (to me at least) that the "stereo sound" is a gimmick. Physically it's true : 2 channel speakers. But in fact the upper speaker is not loud enough and doesn't have enough room to produce bass.

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