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I have a doubt, why in recent apps the padlock does not appear to block certain applications to not close them in the Zenfone 6 but in the ROG Phone 2 has that option? Because is the same ZenUI


  • Even though both use ZenUI we have different teams deciding how things should work. I can ask ZenFone team if this is something they can implement as well.

  • It would be great @Anders_ASUS to be implemented at least I don't like having to reopen applications after I close them so it would be great to have it in the ZenFone too.

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    I am used to having the padlock on my Xiaomi phones.

    You might be able to get the same or similar results via the settings for Optiflex, Battery optimization, and Mobile Manager.

    But it is not at all clear to me what these do.

    The only problem I have been having is that Whatsapp sporadically does not produce notification in time - they can be delayed by hours, or until I actively open Whatsapp.

    But they can also work perfectly for long periods, probably when I have been using Whatsapp a lot.

    I do not have this problem with my email app (FairEmail) sms (Truecaller), or with any other notifications I can think of, including banking apps, etc.

    So it may be a specific Whatsapp problem.

  • I did the test with my WhatsApp and if I receive notifications but I don't want to trust myself because it could happen that I don't receive them at the moment.

    An example could be that while listening to music on Spotify and by mistake you play and close the applications, it stops, with the lock it could be blocked and when closing the other applications it would not happen

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