Fast Charge Not Working



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    i have same problem, each time i put on Wi-Fi it will show error and go off. Wi-Fi does not work. Any possible solution?

  • Its gonna be 6 months since this guy posted this complaint. Multiple users have been complaining about the same issue (fast charge - not working) over different threads over months to get the dev's attention to this and still no use.

    Leave this guy. I personally have posted many threads about the issues i face on my zenfone 5z & no one gives a bats eye. You guys basically cheated us into buying this device by stating that this device supports Fast Charging. How about a lawsuit ?

    And yet you guys show attitude when that guy used the word 'shit' for the mess you created ? Do you know what i see in you ? Some power hungry saddistic people preying on customers for their satisfaction.

    or like he said, fix this 'shit' its been months now since this issue started and yet your devs dont know how to fix it ? what kind of a company are you running there i wonder.

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    After updating my zenfone 5z few days ago my fast charging has been stopped, kindly update this bug as soon as possible

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