Play services battery drain issue



  • For anyone who's having a battery drain problem by google play services.. I got rid of mine on my asus rog phone 2 by simple steps:

    Note: i did a lot more setups that was mentioned on different sites and none of them helped.

    So im sharing this now for everyone who needs help like me.(this worked for me atleast)

    1. Got rid of chrome browser (default browser) and switched to firefox instead.

    2. Got rid of youtube, instead i used a modded Youtube app called OGyoutube.

    3. I got rid of Facebook app, instead used the facebook lite.

    4. Got the beta version for google play services. (did this first.. Didnt helped but didnt remove.)

    So basically i got rid of google and facebook apps and used alternatives because i noticed that these apps uses location services in the background even if you disabled them and removed their permission. Google play services still runs on the background.. So got rid of them. I didn't uninstall.. Only used alternatives instead. I'm still not sure if its a bug but i hate them for now. I'll wait for the next update then check back again

    I hope this helps people. Have a nice day!


  • You guys are getting some pretty good battery life compared to what I'm getting. Google is raping my battery and I can't get rid of it, this is basically my every day.

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