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  • I have also noticed that I only have this problem when I'm not connected to a WiFi network.

  • Same for me. I'm getting incredible battery life IF only I'm on a Wifi network. But when I'm out using mobile data, battery drains almost the same as when I'm using the phone. It gets a bit warm too even when its asleep.

    I have pinned down one of my culprits - MicroG for Youtube Vanced. My battery drain reduced a bit but still Google Play Services is still the top battery drain - again if only on mobile data.

    Another culprit might be the FB Messenger app - but I can't disable background data for this as this is one of my main messaging apps and need real-time updates. But it is still weird because in my Pixel 2XL I never experienced battery drain from Google Play Services using my Messenger app.

    I tried turning off Wifi and Bluetooth scanning, auto-sync, also uninstalled other suspicious apps that may be running in the background - and still no improvement.

    For now I think I just need to wait for the Android 10 update or if there are any custom ROM that can still use ROG features (AirTrigger, Armoury Crate, etc).

    It kinda sucks that I bought a 6000mah phone that barely gets me through the day by just using mobile data.

    FYI I'm using Tencent version 8gb with stock global rom 1908.12 (not flashed). I will try to apply a manual update to 1908.21 and see if there are any improvements.

  • Be advised if you're using a Tencent phone with WW firmware you may see weird interactions like this. This configuration is not officially supported.

  • Well I'm using the global version with WW firmware and have exactly the same problems so I doubt that's the issue.

  • Fair enough. I just wanted him to be aware that he will see software issues pop up more frequently. If the Beta update didn't work for you, I'm not sure what's going on with your device.

    You might want to do a factory reset and let your phone sit for 24 hours on full charge with no apps installed, Wi-Fi off, but with mobile data connected. You should see the drain decrease significantly. I'm thinking it might be a rogue app that's constantly pinging for data that brings down your battery life.

  • Understandable.

    Yes that's pretty much what I have left to try. Will try later during the week and see what happens.

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    Thanks, noted on this.

    I found the culprit. I use VPN services. It logs in battery usage as Google Play Store instead of my VPN app. Another is MicroG app for YT Vanced. After testing my phone without these apps running, I got my normal usage back. 8 hours of mobile data and wifi usage with at least 2 hours of gaming on max settings.

    I did see from another thread that Asus does not configure the Tencent version with global rom, but I bought my Tencent version with global ROM out of the box - no flashing required. The box was 100% sealed no sign of being opened. Could you explain why there are devices that have these? I ran a SafetyNet test and it went fine.

  • It still confuses me how a Tencent version phone has a WW firmware out of the box. I unboxed the phone in front of my dealer and booted it up then greeted me with a WW firmware. How did this happen if ASUS did not intend to use WW firmware in Tencent phones?

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    I applied a manual update to 1908.21 firmware. Everything went back to normal. No issues so far

  • It's fairly easy to reseal a box, as unfortunate as that is. It means that your reseller likely bought some phones in China, and flashed them to WW before they put them back in the box.

    The serial number more than likely means you won't have warranty coverage unless you're living in China (I can verify the serial if you'd like). Just because the software is stable now doesn't mean it will be in the future, and at that time we really won't have any way to help you. The Tencent model was purpose built to be sold in China on CN firmware.

    If a return is still an option, I HIGHLY recommend it. Then get a global ROG Phone II in your region, with warranty support.

  • I should clarify that I don't want to throw your reseller under the bus here. They might have unwittingly bought these devices from someone else thinking they were official.

  • Thank you for clarifying, this is very informative!

    The main reason I bought the Tencent version is because I do not really need the aerocooler and the additional 4gigs of RAM - I just need the extra battery capacity and the smooth display performance.

    Kudos to my reseller/dealer for giving a 1 year warranty should there be any problems that show up.

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    I wanted to buy Tencent version because the ram and memory would be enough and the price was tempting. Several Chinese vendor have stock in Europe. Luckily I investigated the matter and discovered that Tencent versions has no band 20. That makes it useless in Europe, or at least limited in operation. So I decided to go with the international version. But Asus shop in Europe is only available in certain countries. Those shops don't ship to the rest of the European Union, which in my opinion should be the case as the EU is a single market area. Official Asus vendors in Croatia (my country) had no idea about the phone. So there was no way to get the phone I really wanted. At the end my cousin from USA was coming over for a visit and he bought the phone for me in the USA. The phone works flawlessly so far. But in theory if something would go wrong I would have no possibility to repair it in Europe but would have to send it back to USA which makes no economical sense. I believe if we have a legitimate "international" product, with a valid proof of purchase, we should be able to fix it at any Asus center worldwide.

  • Well i'm glad i found this topic..

    I never even noticed GooglePS to consume much battery. I got mine ( 128 GB Tencent version) - though it came with the WW Software on it. Till now didn't have any problems with battery, i find it quite allright.

    Got now 5 Hrs 35 Mins for Google Play Services and battery consume is on " 2 % " for it.

    I have one only problem though. I use Android Auto together with Waze - before on my Galaxy Note 8 i didn't have any GPS Signal loss issues, now it's losing GPS signal in Waze like every 10 seconds ( fixed it with GPS Locker ) . A.Auto and Google Maps functions without problems. Guess it's a bug or something, cause Waze is allowed to run in background, no battery optimization restrictions or smthng.

  • I hear you and we know that you aren't the only user in this situation. At the moment, only select laptops have an International warranty. Hopefully we can move in that direction in the future.

    I agree with you 100% on the EU situation specifically. If you live in Croatia and buy the phone in Germany, it still needs to be repaired in Germany. I wish we had a less regional system.

  • Do other GPS apps function properly? Are you only having issues with Waze?

  • Yes, they do. At least as far as i know. Apps that require Location service are working normally, as i mentioned only had trouble with Waze, but got it fixed with a GPS Locker app, that fixes the satelites with the best signal. In the meantime today a read on other sites also, it may be a problem with Android Auto latest update on 9.0 PIE , other users had also problems with different devices, so i think it's not related to ROG 2 :) . Till now i am super happy with this little beast ?

  • I have battery drain issue after new software update on 22 December 2019

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    Currently using ROG Phone 2 but I am not facing this issue after 2 months of use. I am also using other brands of phone like LG and Huawei but no issues with google play. I turned off quite a number of things. No automatic updates even over wi-fi. I update my apps myself. I check for updates only once or twice a week.

  • Well, 3 minutes of Google Play Services consumed more battery than 43 minutes of gaming on the phone (Archero). The issue is there and it's really serious.

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