Storage manager shows size in negative

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Settings > storage n memory > internal shared storage

Check the files section


  • That's an interesting bug. If you see the -2.4 GB number changing or can reproduce a change, let me know and we can log your phone to see what's going on.

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    I could reproduce it , deleting large files increases the size of files in negative and as per my observation if i delete the files with ticking the option permanently delete it still goes to recycle bin but in recycle bin there is nothing as you can see the size got increased as deleted some whatsapps data base files which were around 3GB

  • Does your files size increase if you put big files that are considered as files by android (not media files).

    I tried replicating this behaviour and started out with 0kb in files. I removed some apps and data tied to those apps but I still remained at 0 which was expected.

  • It's happening with non media ones where as for media it doesn't add up to files

  • According to the log, it was an option you had enabled. The software team thinks this will be fixed by upgrading to Android 10. Have you already done so? After rebooting your phone, are you still seeing these values?

  • Can you tell me which option ? Although factory reset fixed it and now it's not reproducible

  • The team didn't specify to me what option it was, but I asked them to clarify. I'll update this when I hear back.

  • Will wait for it , thanks.

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