Sar value

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Am using max pro M1 i will purchase 6z but 6z has high sar value it affect brain


  • The ZenFone 6 sar value is 0.196W / Kg, which is much lower than the European standard (2.0W / Kg) and the US standard (1.6W / Kg).

  • It's actually 1.59 W/kg for head. So basically on the line.

  • 1.59 is high than current generation flagship phone and it is a 1st place from recent launch phone ..daily i speak 2hrs this phone is suitable

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    At least I don't have signal reception problems anymore. Older Samsungs had low SAR value and living with constant connecion loss outside cities was annoying. It's 100% safe, even if it had 10 times more power thanks to low frequency. In any case, for a good signal reception I could even walk with a portable nuke.

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