Asus ROG phone 2 bugs



  • Can you clarify whether its screen protector you are talking about or the screen lock

  • Manners.

    Understand its a global product you cursing them here is gonna make things worse for you in return.

    If you needed such rapid things to happen probably another brand should have been your choice. You must understand that each brand has their own pace and strategies to follow :) Give them time and im sure they will deliver :) .

    Rog phone 1 just got their PIE update even though it got delayed. But the point is they got what was meant for them. Same way we will get what is meant for us.

    Just relax and trust is what we all can do for Asus.

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    Did you even read my past comments and thought about the reason for such an outburst? Stop brown-nosing the mods if you aren't one. By the way, I read your comment on the last bug by I_Klaiber, I strongly advise you to put some thoughts and keep yourself from a buyer's perspective than putting unnecessary stupid counter questions.

  • Hi I_klaiber, your issue seems to be of background data restriction. Ensure that "Data Saver" is turned off in settings and any individual app is not restricted to use cellular data in background.

  • BUG FOUND !!!

    Rog Phone 2 FM app doesnot show option to play audio through connected bluetooth headphone. The bluetooth is perfectly connected.

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    It works only with wired headphones plugged in, as the wire serves as FM antenna. The sound can be the switched to speakers, but I haven't tried wireless headphones.

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    Would love if you could share the link of that post :) im kinda active here so dont actually know what and which post you are honestly talking about.

    Rest is all peace :)

    The only thing I wanted to point was that swearing doesnt do any good nothing much.

    And if you are talking about this post comment then I was trying to clarify something I had a doubt on nothing else.

    FYI - A buyer's perspective is not my thing :)

  • I can confirm that some SMS fails to be registered into android database on this phone. Those messages arrive successfully, it's even being send to my Amazfit BIP, but sometimes is not saved on the phone. Same behavior with stock sms app and external ones.

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