Bluetooth issue - Selfie stick remote not working

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I tried to use a selfie stick (Huawei AF15) with ZF6. It connects ok, but the button on the remote doesn't take a photo nor start a video. I tried the same AF15 on my Samsung S8+ and it works well with that phone.

It seems that when I press the remote button in normal situation, it will open the volume slider. When I press the remote button in camera mode, there is very quick flash of up arrow on the screen.

Does the ZF6 have some wierd non-standard BT configuration? Is there a workaround or fix to this issue? Is there a way to configure what the BT remote button does on the ZF6?


  • The button of 99% of all selfie stick is in fact a simple "Volume + or -" impulsion for the phone.

    Go to camera > settings > Volume rocker

    and configure as a shutter button.

  • Thank you very much, that worked well! How amateur of me not to know this.,.. I was kind of fooled as many of the other brands have this setting as a default setting... therefore the s-sticks work right out of the box...

  • No problem, a pleasure !

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