Battery not charging while gaming.

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Is this an issue? While i play games on my rog phone 2 the battery does not charge at all the % don't increase even after 1-2 hour of gaming it remains same

Is this an issue is this happening with everyone or just me?


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    Is it possible that you have enabled this setting ? At which % it blocks?

  • It could also be that you're not using the original charger or that there's something wrong with your cable so it consumes more power than what you're charing.

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    i am facing it too..i am using the original 18w charger..when playing pubg(hdr/extreme) while charging ..battery percentage goes down every 6-7minutes...!

  • I am also facing same issue while playing game when connected to original charger. the battery is showing charging but does not see any improvement and same with power bank too. need a fix in next update.

  • Yea this is very strange even while using phone normally with charging connect charging speed is kinda dead ?? 18 watt charger charge like 1 amp charger while using phone normally too , in game forget it will increase any percentage .. very strange issue asus should look into this while using phone charging not working as it should

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    See many of us are facing the same issue and here is the video link where you can yourself and your team can see this@Anders_ASUS

  • Please check the following steps:

    1. Install ASUS Log Tool .

    2.Use the default log settings then start to reproduce this error.

    3. Share the pics of battery percentage before playing "PUBG".

    4. Begin to play PUBG and charging at the same time, when you find the battery decreased (the 18W adapter still connect on phone), please generate the log as below and record the times, such as 2019/10/29, 15:45 got the error! (removed image)

    5. Share the all files from "save log" as below thruogh google drive or any cloud storage

    6. Share the pics of battery usage as below, from: settings>battery>click the battery icon and you'll get battery usage. (removed image)

    steps provided by Asus

    try it guys!

  • Sorry about the late reply. It's possible that the charger will lower it's charging due to heat to prevent the phone from CPU throttling.

    This may also happen with the 30W charger but it's less likely since it has the charging controller integrated in the charger instead of the phone which results in less heat.

    If you have the 18W charger, then there are a couple of things you can do to minimize heat and continue charging at a high enough current to not lose battery capacity while gaming.

    1. Minimize screen brightness
    2. Try and find a cooler environment
    3. In Armoury Crate, go to the games scenario profile and set Temperature control to low (this will throttle the CPU to maintain lower temps)
    4. If step 3 is not enough, then you can try to lower the CPU Hz before you start your game. Most games are GPU dependent so lowing the CPU won't necessarily give lover performance.
  • Please help.i am having battery drain problem on my Asus ROG Phone 2. While I charge it showing charging but it's not charging and later on stop of charging. Battery power decreasing down but charging take long time and need to check whether it's stop or not. Please help.

  • When you say the phone is not charging, do you mean you are using the phone at the time? Or it simply will not charge at all, even when not in use?

    If you are using the phone and charging at the same time, most likely the system is slowing charging speed due to excess heat to save the battery.

  • 18w charger doesn't charge phone during gamig !

    Use 30w hyper charger !

    I faced this issue too. ...? While playing PUBG !

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