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I recently bought the rog phone 2 and noticed that the lower flashlight is not working while taking photos asus says it's number led RGB and not a flashlight please help is this issue same with everyone


  • The use for the secondary flash is only for a certain case, so it is useless if you don't have that particular case (armoured case is the name of the case I think

  • It would be great if we would be abale to access the second light say for like a party mode or a laser or a secondary aura lightor notification light instead of just for the case. If you are a moderator @LP_ASUS please tell the developers to give us this option in the next software update.

    Also thr adding a fiture to the air triggers where you get the option for either a tap or a slide action for sliding the triggers.The beta version only allows slide action. If my feature is added then a player can play more versatiley cuz slide action doesn't help for air triggers.

  • I can pass those suggestions along. I can't guarantee that it will be implemented though. ;)

  • I agree to allow us to use the Lower LED for other uses, having a bright RGB flashlight type light would be pretty cool.

    I have also purchased the lightning armour case and noticed that is when it lights up, but i found the case to really underwhelm it sucks that it can't be used with the accessories like the fan & the dock. the case is basically just now sitting in a draw, i did think about sending it back, the standard case you get with the phone is much much better.

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