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Sir sar value of 6z is high of black color is it silver color sar value is low tell me sir


  • Where have you found that the values are different? To my knowledge we don't have different values. Could be that you found the first value from one place and the second value somewhere else. Then these values have most probably not been measured for the same region. The SAR value for India market will not be the same as for Germany

  • But sar value of 1.57 is. High than recent launched smartphone

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    There are two standards when looking at SAR value.

    Europe: W/KG @ 10g of body tissue

    US/India: W/KG @ 1g of body tissue

    The ZenFone 6 (6z) head SAR it's 1.57 W/Kg @ 10g and 0.98 W/Kg @ 10g for the body

    For India where we look at W/Kg @ 1g of tissue the SAR values are 1.13 W/Kg @ 1g for the head and 0.91 W/Kg @ 1g for the body

    All this info can be found in the manual on page 78 and 83

    But here's a video that explains to you why you don't need to care about SAR. All you need to know is that all manufacturers are within the safe limits and that in the end, these values don't tell you anything. The SAR value is the maximum measured radiation at any point, no matter what scenario. It would be much more interesting if there was an average SAR value measured over a certain time span because that would tell you a whole different story. Anyways, have a look, it's just 4 min long ;)

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