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Dear Asus Developers Team,

I have found an error in the camera mechanism programming:

Replication instructions: When the phone is laying on its back, such as on a table, for this example, and the face recognition is set to ON, and you try to unlock the phone by swiping up, or pressing the power button, the camera will always force itself into the table.

Please find a way to detect, and prevent this situation.

Thank you, guys!


  • I was unable to replicate this issue. When set on the table using both methods you described I got this error message.

    I'm on WW firmware version .189. What version are you running?

  • I should note that the camera didn't slam the table, I got that error message instead.

  • This is weird, I cannot replicate it anymore either. I must've missed some special condition, maybe something like reflective surface, or maybe while the phone was plugged into the pc. I know that it happened when my phone was laying on my mouse mat. There was some special condition that I've missed, I'll try to replicate it, and let you know what that. Thank you! I know that it happened definitely after I updated the phone to the latest software available on the Asus servers.

  • Why do you even tinkering with face recognition, which is just a gimmick feature, why don't you rather use a trusted and quick fingerprint reader which is a proven solution and it is very good in ZF6?

  • It isnt why you whatever.. it is that problem is real.

    I got this problem too, it try force the camera flip, even it is face down surface. My firmware is ww194 and it has doing that also on any previous versions too :)

    It isnt too hard, and it detect that it cannot turn and then give that message what mods say to see.

  • I don't want to deny this issue with face recognition, but I recommend to use fingerprint reader which is a better solution.

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