Slow motion recording with 3rd party apps

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3rd party apps do not seem to be able to utilize the slow motion recording mode. Is this something that could be fixed? Is it something that app designers should do or is there a restriction to do so?

Could some functions be added to ZF6 slow motion video recording, like countdown, recording time, loop recording? This would help to utilize better the otherwise great slow motion abilities of the phone.


  • 3rd party apps are able to utilize slow motion just like any 3rd party camera app already does.

    Can you please explain for what purpose you want all these features. I'm not saying that your requests are weird but I need to know if you want them just for the sake of it of you really do need them and why?

  • Yep, many like open camera can utilize slowmode but not 60fps.. thing what needed to be corrected.

  • Hello Anders,

    Unfortunately none of the 3rd party camera / video apps I have tried hasn't had the option to record 480 fps 720p video, including Open Camera, V1 Golf, etc. If you know apps that can do that with other advanced features, please let me know.

    What I am trying to do, is sports related. Therefore I would need some additional settings/functions for slow motion video.

    For example to self record a golf swing when practising at indoor/outdoor golf range or hitting baseball in a practise area or table tennis or weight lifting, you name it, basically any sports self training that would benefit of seeing yourself in slow-mo. Currently these type of systems cost a fortune, with good slow motion capability (480fps).

    ZF6 would be the perfect tool for this as you can rotate the main camera and have enough recording time of 720p 480 fps video or 1080p 240 fps video. ZF6 would allow you to record and see the slow-mo video from the phone screen directly after you have done it, and then you could repeat. I think this would be a huge hit in the sports self training. Not everybody has a personal coach to do the recordings… plus the added benefit that you could immediately see the video and then you could try to improve your doing in the next try.

    The current Asus camera app is great, but it lacks these "special features". There are some apps that can do these special features, but the real slow-mo mode can't be selected (ie 240fps or 480fps).

    Settings needed in slow motion video would be:

    1) Countdown for slo-mo video recording to start (selectable: 1-20 s)

    2) Slow motion video recording length (selectable: 1-60s)

    3) Option to automatically play the recording after recording is finished

    4) Repeat from the start- countdown/record/autoplay - loop (selectable 1 to 20 times)

    I know this might be a "niche" for normal users, but I think there are still bunch of people would really love these features. Apart from sports, I could see similar functions beneficial in studying science phenomena etc.

    I hope this explanation gives some light to my request and no, it is not just sake of it :-). Those features actually could increase the sales of the already great phone. It would kick ass of DJI Osmo Action and GoPro8 at the same time, which both lack the 480fps and these functions. I own both, sadly. I wish I would know how to code Android apps… but I don't...

  • It's very niche :)

    Unfortunately, the fastest a 3rd party camera app can record, seem to be less than 120fps. I don't know if they can go faster with some more popular phones.

    In my opinion, a remote could solve half of your issues. Have you fiddled with the app tasker? Maybe it can do everything you want?

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