In ASUS 6Z open camera app not working in split mode

edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

As inbuilt camera not work in split view, therefore I use open camera which allow to record in split view but in my newly bought Asus 6z I faced a serious issue, in split view selfie camera suddenly stops and flips back, as soon as I click on the other app opened next to open camera, it's quite weird. Please suggest me a solution. Or please update it and let the open camera to record in selfie mode in split view as in other mobile thanks.

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  • Only thing what i see weird is that open camera works on split view on some other phone? it isnt design to work on split view. And for now at least it isnt support z6 camera as it should, just because its very odd camera mechanism :) but anyways great to hear from another open camera user!

  • It's not a very common scenario but I can calm you by saying that this will work in Android Q. I just tested with both Pie and Q and it works in Q.

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