My asus 6z is getting restarting again and again...i got my new phone just a day before what is this

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Am i joke to you i got my new asus 6 just a day before i have been using it for 2 days it's getting restarting again and again several times i don't know what's the reason....i need a solution...


  • If your phone is auto-restarting, please contact your reseller or local repair center.

  • Mine was doin the same thing. On day 3 it turned off and wouldnt turn on again. Sent it back last Wednesday, waiting on a new one

  • Welcome to the most and least concerned mother board issue , which is merely only 30 affected out of millions , as per Asus. No matter, the affected count increases ,they will tell only 30 and it's negligible.

  • Well since it's been only 2 days you can file for replacement. You're lucky you bought the phone so late. The people who bought on the first week of launch (literally the first second of launch for me. I must have one of the earliest to order this phone) got to know that their phones are faulty after the replacement period was over.

  • That's because last time we mentioned any specific number, was in the very beginning, before we knew everything about this issue. I can say now it is a lot more than 30 units but it's still a low number considering how much we sell. I can not go much more into detail than that but the risk of being affected is really low and most devices that fail, do so within the first two weeks.

  • Stop spamming. I read it thrice already.

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