Camera and finger print panel is getting heated up

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Flip camera and finger print panel is getting heated up very soon.

I have done new antutu stress test and my battery temperature raised upto 45.5 degree.

Camera i have recorded a video for 20 minutes the flip camera was so hot .

Is it normal?

But i think the camera and back panel is getting hot very easily.


  • High temperatures are normal when using the camera for an extended period of time and when benchmarking. As long as the phone is working normally after these stress tests, you should have nothing to worry about.

  • But, be concerned that these are the indications for mother board may shooted up anytime .

    Don't use any other camera App.

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    @LP_ASUS I have already replaced the phone due to heavy heat up issue.

    My new phone also having the issue i guess

    Normal usage also it is showing 37 to 39 degree Celsius

    If this is an issue then i can replace the phone once again.

    The back panel is hot almost all the time.

    What will be the normal conditions of a good phone?

  • What is the ambient temperature in your country?

    I have no overheating problems in Europe.

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    Hi @_jis_ please refer the below screenshots ,this has been taken a minute ago.

    And can you please tell how much should be the healthy mobile temperature ?

    And the camera module is having more hot than any other area

    Check my screen on time also is that fine ?

  • When someone uses their cell phone like you, it's normal, there's no need to worry.

    Is this your very first powerful mobile phone?

  • Hi @_jis_

    I was using poco F1 which was not heating up this much

    Even i tried comparing by running games and everything at the same time again asus 6z was over heating.

    So just tell me the normal temperature and average screen on time of this phone,If i am wrong enlighten me.

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    You cannot directly compare phones with different soc, poco f1 doesn't have 48MP camera in flipping cabinet made from metal (hence with much better thermal conductivity which you can feel as heating).

    For measuring temps and sot take a look at users reports on XDA:

  • Hi @_jis_

    I get it bro we cannot compare it but the temperature raising up rapidly .that is a concern for me

    But even in XDA different options are there..i am asking you what's your thoughts on sot and temperature..

    This phone is not supposed to heat up quickly over the normal usage?

    And battery backup should be atleast 2 days minimum for a average user right?

    Please gimme more clarity about the heat up .

    I have red most of the forums regarding this.just gimme your thoughts.

  • Mine never gets warm under normal use(chatting, web browsing). Recording 4k, gaming and charging makes it warm.

  • It's the same for me.

    I am using AccuBattery, so I can post my full battery time estimates:

  • One interesting remark about heating.

    On all my previous Android devices, screen casting drained the battery and the phone also became very hot. This is not the case with the ZF6, the battery holds and the phone does not heat up so much when casting.

  • It seems like people think that ZF6 is the most perfect phone, so heating must never (!) happens ...

    Hey, it's really difficult for everyone on this forum to feel what "hot" means for each of you. So if you really worry, you can loose your time to the Asus repair and ask them if your phone is fine or not.

    The phone is recent, so you might be very unlucky if your ZF6 has a really warm issue.

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    Hi @ColorSage ,@_jis_

    Can you guys please tell me the normal usage temperature of you phones and ambient temperature of your country.?

    @_jis_ i never get a screen on time of 10 hours since the beginning .

    I do heavy usage one or two days of a week but normally i just do play musics ,videos and browsing .

    You can see my stats from AccuBattery

    @VS-KR see the warm and hot is having huge difference right ? It is making me uncomfortable and moreover I have replaced my phone already once since that phone was heating up above 50 degree .So bro I have concerns even though i love this phone.

  • That's weird. I get 11h sot easily. Temperatures while web browsing:

    Ambient temperature: ~21°C.

  • @ColorSage

    Ya that's what my concern is all about..

    Till this date i haven't got sot of 11 hours.

    Once i got around 8-9 sot .I am not sure about it .

    Can you please tell me your usage history ?

    May be my country is ambient temperature plays a role ?

    I am not sure just thought of replacement of my mobile if it is high and the temperature is high.

  • Well yeah, it's web browsing, listening to music and chatting mostly. Little to no gaming. I am limiting apps running in background to minimum. Spotify playing in background is a battery eater.

  • Another very battery consuming detail that is not being discussed here is brightness. There are so many more factors to consider than what apps that is being used in the foreground.

    Some phones doesn't reach the same thermal value during the same load because, 1 they might have a different brightness, 2 they might have other apps in the background, 3 their CPU might throttle earlier to maintain lower temps (which might not be noticeable in the games performance), 4 it might have a very different cooling solution and the build material might be plastic which feels less hot to the touch.

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