Purple haze continues to annoy

mastershumastershu Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

So the purple haze is still around after latest update.... 12mp an down in pro mode using 16 seconds or longer makes a purple haze and an unusable pic.... Seems to NOT do it with 48mp or if using wide angle lens at 16 seconds @CH_ASUS ive mentioned this a few times an was lead to believe a fix was in last update... Or i assumed.. Either way.... Main camera cannot be used more than 13 seconds in shutterspeed or the haze will show up....Kiiinda driving me nutz an i refuse to get a modded gcam or unicam im a stock cam guy so its rather annoying now for a while of this... My fear is its going the way of the essential ph-1 in no real camera fixes... Been about 10+ updates now.... An nothing.... Examples below..... Is there anything bein done about this? I've been to alot of forums even on telegram an its talked about at one point or another repeatedly...


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