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Why is it not possible to take wide angle portraits?.

Considering it can be done in gcam mode i hope it gets incorporated in stock cam app too.

Aslo things like portrait in 48 mb and HDR enabld in 48 mb.

Thank you.


  • The portait mode in ZenFone is a combination of both camera, the main one for details, the other one to determine the background.

    So this is why you can't "inverse" the role.

  • HI,

    But it can be done in the GCAM mod installed in zenfone 6.

  • GCAM only uses one lens and then applies google voodoo magic to get the right bokeh. It's possible even for us to offer a bokeh with a single lens but the result won't be nearly as good as when Google does it. This is why we only want to use two cameras to get the best result possible

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