Feature Requests and Bug Report

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Feature requests:

VoLTE / WiFi calling - T-Mobile <- Self explanatory. Probably has something to do with the carrier(s) side of things as well, but really should be an option in the U.S market.

When enabling sound recorder via the smart key (two presses), the screen turns on with some red accents. I'd prefer it if there was an optional setting to not turn on the screen when using it (starting or stopping through the smart key).

Status bar icon manager - I don't know why battery percentage can't be it's own option, instead of how it is now where I am required to select 'Battery' before I can select 'Battery percentage'. I don't need a battery icon to give me an visual estimate if I have the percentage that'll give me the exact estimate.


Regarding Chrome / Duo:

I went in to the Play store, unclicked auto-update for those apps (along with a few other Google apps), force stopped the app, disabled the apps, and cleared out the storage. 

After a few hours / at most a day, it somehow gets reenabled and is running again.


  • Regarding voLTE/WIFI, it's most likely not supported by your carrier. In France for example, none of the carriers support it yet. It's a shame but Asus probably can't do anything about it.

    About the battery icon, I totally agree with you. It's just wasted space.

    For the disabled apps, I can't help you but a lot of people have been facing this problem and an Asus mod said he would transmit it to the software team. You can try to disable auto-start for these apps in the power master app but the best to do is wait for an update.

  • Pretty much all major carriers in the U.S support VoLTE (except Sprint) and all major carriers support WiFi Calling. Source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204039. If ASUS can get in touch with the U.S carriers over support, licensing (or whatever it is preventing this), that would be cool. Should just be a software issue since the hardware's already there.

    Two more things came to me today of what else might be good features to include.

    1) An option where plugging/unplugging the phone doesn't turn the screen on.

    2) Status bar customization. Like moving the clock from the left to the center, adding the day/date, and seconds to the clock (i.e Wed 10/16 6:15:01 PM). Or hiding certain icons like the vibrate icon.

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