Issues spotted

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1. Fingerprint scanner not working well. 3/10 times it scans

2. Screen flickering issues are there.

3. Camera lags in quality of photo

4. Brightness issue is also there

When these issues will fixed?


  • Can you please explain a little more

    1. Fingerprint accuracy is highly dependent on how you did the setup. If simply lifted your finger between every time you pressed it without moving your hand to change the thumbs direction, the it won't recognize your finger as easily. It's also important that you only use some parts of your finger on some of the presses. It's also smart to add one more finger but for the same finger so you have twice as many scans for your finger.
    2. where and when?
    3. it's not as good as the best from the biggest competitors but we're not far behind and it should be more than good enough for most gamers. Plus, the camera performance will improve with every update. We're not done optimizing it.
    4. where? Is it not bright enough or too bright? In what environment?
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