Anybody knows working external microphone for Z6?

survivor303survivor303 Level 2
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I need a directional microphone for Z6, but because of Android, im not sure which of them are compatible with Z6.

So if somebody knows working microphones, please tell me :) you can use your affiliate link for ebay or amazon if you want :)


  • Try searching for "android microphone" on ebay, amazon, google and you will get lots of hits with reviews telling you which one is good.

    Good luck!

  • No, it isnt that sure they would work. Im not sure why but some of the mics works and some not. This is universal android problem and that's why i asked the question.

  • We haven't tried them ourselves.

    I guess you have to order more than one and send back the ones you didn't like (if you live in a country with consumer rights that allow this).

  • B4B4 Level 1

    I asked Asus Support the same question for ZenFone 3 back then and they replied that Z3 would not support external mic. Then I asked them if that still goes for z6 but they never replied again.

    I tried all kinds of things with the Z3 like a mic that worked fine with PC. Different camera apps. Nothing worked.

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