sound glitch

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while playing games like pubg or cod sometime sound glitches n gets low thn usual and i unable to get ut fixed untill i restart game or open some media and set the volume again.and one thing more if you are on call and while on call you open pubg for a sec call volume comes from speaker this happens every time


  • Can you try and record the sound glitch?

    It's by design that the call will go from earpiece to speaker when you start a game. I what scenario would you want to keep the sound coming from the earpiece while playing a game?

    If you have earphones connected, then the sound will continue coming from your earphones even after you have started the game.


  • for first one i cant explain much bt i ll try to record it next tym and for second thing when im on call on earphone and start pubg sound comes from speaker for 1 sec ........this should not happen when im using earphone.and this thing happen every tym

  • Can you please record the pubg issue too? I can't duplicate it on my device

  • bro how can i record sound glitch...i have to use another phn leave it

  • yes, second phone or stand alone camera. But without proof, I can't make our engineers to look for the issue long enough for them to find it. A video will give them a lot of relevant info that you might not think is important

  • I also having same problem when i start recording pubg gameplay game volume gets low and so set it back i have remove earbuds after this it got fixed but in recording sound got very loud and damaged ...i can share recording also

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