[ROG Phone II] How do I assemble the ROG Kunai Gamepad onto the ROG Phone II (ROG Kunai bumper +...

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Assembly steps:
1.Attach the ROG Kunai bumper onto the ROG Phone II. Insert the protruding USB Type-C connector of the bumper into the USB Type-C port at the bottom of the phone.

Note: When detaching, remove the bumper from the top of the phone first and then the bottom.

2. Detach the left and right ROG Kunai controllers from the ROG Kunai holder. Remove the controllers by pushing up (when holding vertically) or pushing forward (when holding horizontally).

3. Attach the ROG Kunai controllers onto both ends of the phone that has the bumper attached. Hold the phone horizontally (with the power button at the top), slide both controllers down until they are locked in. 

1. ROG Kunai Gamepad can be assembled into three operating modules:
— ROG Kunai bumper + ROG Kunai controllers (as shown in the example above)
— ROG Kunai bumper + ROG Kunai left controller
— ROG Kunai holder + ROG Kunai controllers
2. ROG Kunai right controller cannot be used alone
3. ROG Kunai controllers (both left and right) don't have battery

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